The Fresh Fodder Community

At Fresh Fodder, we remain committed to supporting our community, both locally and nationally.
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Although we are never going to solve all the world’s problems on our own, we believe everything we do, has an impact on those around us. And the more we can support others, the better our world will become.

Plus, if we don’t look after one another, who will be here to make and eat all of our delicious dips?!

As an organisation, we are passionate about helping others and now, you can monitor what Fresh Fodder is up to in our community.

If you have an idea for how Fresh Fodder can improve or get involved, please get in touch. The only way we can continue to get better is by hearing from you, our loyal customers.

Our Local Community

We regularly donate excess stock to FoodCare Orange; a local social enterprise providing individuals and families on low incomes access to affordable, fresh food, groceries, and household items.

Surplus stock for some of our products is donated to Ronald McDonald House here in Orange, helping to support those families who have had to relocate for a child’s serious medical treatment.

Hampers of Fresh Fodder products have been donated to the annual Ronald McDonald Ball, to help raise money for the vital support services which the Ronald McDonald House provides, especially to those families from rural and regional Australia.

With our boys running on for the mighty Orange City Rugby Club (up the Lions!), we are proud supporters of their events, including their Ladies Day and other fundraising initiatives.

We donate products for the annual Feast for Farmers event; a FOOD Week event raising money for rural aid, drought relief and support for our farming families.

Our Environmental Impact

We are wholeheartedly committed to meeting Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s National Targets by 2025.

We have recently received approval to include the Australian Recycling Label on our packaging, helping build confidence in our customers as to how to recycle our packaging properly.

We are constantly researching and testing new packaging to ensure that we are using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products possible.

Our supply chain is constantly being monitored and revised to build towards a circular economy and the reuse of packaging materials in everyday business practices.

With the scarcity of water in our region, we are constantly monitoring our water usage and how we can be more sustainable in this space.