Fresh Fodder Mezze Platter

We all know that a beautiful big mezze platter is a fantastic way to entertain; all the ‘work’ is done all in advance so you can just relax and enjoy hanging out with your friends once the party starts, plus people love to graze at their own pace so it’s a lovely way to gently feed lots of people.

But what about drinks? Mezze platters usually lean towards more Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, especially when they star Fresh Fodder dips like these ones here. So what are some good alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to complete this delicious picture?

With a mezze situation like this, we’d generally go for a few bottles of local chilled rosé. The creaminess of our Taramosalata and the feta here would be beautifully complemented by a crisp, dry aromatic rosé. While white wine drinkers might prefer a herby Sauvignon Blanc.

Another option would be to make up really simple cocktail jug, something like a anise-flavoured Pastis served with ginger beer and a good dose of fresh lime juice.

If you’d like some non-alcoholic options, what about a jug of iced peppermint tea served with fresh mint? Or perhaps a lemon lime and bitters or an alcohol-free mojito? We think the general idea is nothing too sweet, cloying or filling and plenty of it!

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