Pepponata en Croute


200g Fresh Fodder Peppered Roe Taramosalata
Day Old Batard or Bread Stick
1 Red and Yellow Peppers (capsicums)
1 Leek
20ml Olive Oil
Pinch of Paprika


Slice the leek, red and yellow capsicums into thin strips.

Heat a little olive oil in a pan and add the leeks and capsicums and cook until softened.

Set aside to cool.

Slice the bread into thin rounds (approx half a centimetre).

Paint each side with a little olive oil if desired and toast off until a light golden colour, turning to cook both sides.

Set aside to cool.

These are easy to arrange straight onto your serving plate, so select your platter or plate and assemble these tasty bites by layering the cooked pepper mix onto the toasted Croutes, dollop with Fresh Fodder Peppered Roe and lightly dust with paprika.

These are a tasty bite to serve with bubbles at your next party or a simple and tasty starter before dinner.

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