The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich (with a kick!)

Be the envy of your co-workers with this simple but flavour-packed sandwich mix.


1 cooked chicken breast – shredded (if you’re short on time, grab a BBQ chicken and shred!)

2 celery stalks

Good quality fresh sourdough bread (bought or homemade, if you’re clever!)

1 ripe red tomato

2-3 leaves of iceberg lettuce

1 tub Fresh Fodder Spicy Jalapeno, Garlic & Parsley dip


Shred the chicken coarsely into a bowl. Dice the celery and add, along with 2-3 spoonfuls of Spicy Jalapeno dip. You want a moist, but not too wet mix.

Slice the tomato into rounds.

Wash and tear the lettuce.

Slice two thick pieces of sourdough. Line each slice of bread with the lettuce leaves; spoon on the chicken mix, top with tomatoes. Season as desired with sea salt and cracked pepper. Close the sandwich with the second piece of lettuce lined bread. Slice in half and enjoy!

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