The Fodders

Welcome to Fresh Fodder, a family-owned and operated producer of hand crafted dips and soups based in beautiful Orange, NSW.

At Fresh Fodder our philosophy is to produce a great product that exhibits wonderful flavours and represents good value for money.

The Fresh Fodder range of dips are perfect for entertaining or grazing, and our customers are known to travel far and wide to purchase our Taramosalata – The Gangster Dip.

The origins of the recipe for our hero product – Taramosalata – reads more like a movie script than a business plan, but that hasn’t slowed down this little company’s big ideas.

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Around 40 years ago, via an unusual set of circumstances involving a Gangster, a brothel, a pawn shop, Max Schofield’s father, Jim, found himself in possession of a longheld family recipe, gifted for good deeds done.

Fast forward to 2008 and Max decided it was time to bring this amazing product Taramosalata – The Gangster Dip, to the marketplace. Along with three generations of food industry knowledge and experience, he launched Fresh Fodder from a small garage with production of around 20-30 kilos of product per week

Today, the picture looks more like this...

Fresh Fodder uniquely operates as a regional manufacturer, nestled in the bustling and vibrant regional city of Orange, NSW. Shunning the more logical Metropolitan location was an initial hindrance, putting them a day later than their competitors in getting to market. 

Now, that regional setting sees them in a position of strength not weakness, with strong independent distribution chains and new industry generated for the local community. Through working closely with both their suppliers and retailers, lead times are coordinated to ensure product arrives to market in perfectly coordinated timing. 

A series of expansions has seen new machinery implemented and an increase of production from the original 20-30 kilos per week to a current output of around 15 tonnes and growing.

For the lucky consumer, it means the extended reach of supply to broader locations across Australia, including new territories where supply has not previously been seen. 

“There has been such a lot of hard work to reach this point,” said Mr Schofield “But we really feel we are just getting started. I can see our range becoming a proud house hold name, with our dips – in particular our Taramosalata – sitting in every single store across Australia, and being proudly taken into every single home.” 

And as a third generation foodie, with three sons waiting in the wings, that just might happen. 

fresho fodder about 01
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Max Schofield

Fresh Fodder was established in Orange NSW by Max Schofield in 2008.
From his small commercial kitchen, Max and the team at Fresh Fodder constantly strive to provide a great range of dips that focus on great quality flavours, and an overall business that offers great service.
Max is a third generation foodie and has over 30 years experience in the food game